our farmers and suppliers


Lola's Local Market

Proprietor Mona Fleming and her sidekick Lola (a pot-bellied pig), preside over this sprawling roadside market that sells local produce, eggs (including exotics like duck and turkey), meats (including pastured chicken and local lamb), and artisan products like jams, pickles, and honeys.  A few minutes north of McKinney (and only 45 minutes from downtown Dallas), this is a fabulous weekend destination for the whole family, particularly during their epic fall pumpkin patch.  Lola is happy to pose for pictures with the kids and accept donations of your peach pits and apple cores, while parents browse the freshest ingredients you can imagine.  Chickens and ducks meander about the grounds. Mona and Lola provide us with a wide variety of the freshest local ingredients, all from 1 location! 


Triple J Livestock

This small, family-run establishment is located in Wilmer, TX, less than 20 miles from downtown Dallas.  Diane and Benjamin Jasso operate an extraordinary farming model where their animals spend their entire lives right there on the farm.  They are born there, they grow up on its pastures, and their in-house USDA processing facility ensures their animals never endure the stress of a trailer ride to a finishing lot or processing plant.  They provide us with top-quality pastured beef, lamb, and goat, and they also sell to the general public. 


Legend Meats

Larry Barton, a competitive bodybuilder and commercial painter from NY, never dreamed he'd end up a pig farmer in Texas.  But today he runs one of the most innovative farms in the state, focusing on the rare Red Wattle breed, as well as a genetic experiment crossing Red Wattles with our native wild boar.  His exceptional meat has won national competitions.


Chubby Dog Farms

Just like Larry, Karyn and Calvin Medders escaped their busy Houston lives to become pig farmers, experimenting with a cross between Mangalitsa and Red Wattle heritage breeds.  Also producing award-winning pork, their meat is coveted by chefs across Texas.


Lavon Farms / Lucky Layla

One of the few places in the Dallas area where the public can drop by and purchase raw milk  six days a week, Lavon Farms in Plano is a small dairy where third generation farmer Todd Moore raises champion Jersey and Guernsey cows.  Their famous drinkable yogurts, under the brand Lucky Layla, are available at Whole Foods around the country, but right there on the farm you can buy fresh, raw milk, butter, eggs, pastured beef, and more.  (Raw milk still contains the natural enzymes that digest it, which means that even lactose intolerant people can enjoy it without any digestive repercussions.)  We use Lucky Layla’s raw milk to make our cheeses and ice creams at frank.


Arrowhead Meats

Proprietor Clark Feaster operates this extraordinary specialty meat store in Lewisville which is much loved by Dallas’s finest chefs.  Clark provides us with local Texas grass-fed beef from the Beeman Family Ranch, the only ranchers of certified Akaushi Wagyu in the country.  He also sells beef from his family’s farm that many of our diners say is the best-tasting beef they’ve ever tried.  Clark also supplies more exotic meats like quail, rabbit, venison, ostrich, kangaroo, and alligator.  He also carries a wide range of ultra-premium ingredients from around the world…the finest cured meats from Italy, Spain, and France, rare olive oils and ancient balsamic vinegars, caviar and humanely-raised foie gras.  He is happy to sell to the general public, so if you’re looking for some prime brisket for your next barbeque, or some local Texas quail, give him a call. 


Rex's Seafood

When it comes to serving seafood in north Texas, freshness is paramount, and that's why we trust Rex's in the Dallas Farmer's Market.  Part fish market, part restaurant, Rex's is our go-to place for the freshest oysters (from the West Coast! ...a rare find in Dallas), and everything from octopus to halibut. 


Farm to Table Texas

This extraordinary company started in Austin a few years back, when a friend of the frank. team was working for them.  Once North Texas chefs heard there was a small business in Austin making the rounds to Texas's finest farms, gathering their produce and meats, Farm to Table started delivering in Dallas, as well.  They make it possible for us to serve the best products from farms in the Hill Country and beyond.


Tom Spicer, R.I.P.

For the first three years of our existence, we were honored to source fresh greens and foraged ingredients like wild mushrooms from Tom Spicer, the legendary brother of legendary New Orleans chef Susan Spicer. Tom knew every chef in the city, and every chef relied on him for extraordinary ingredients. Tom passed away on March 2, 2015 while washing berries at his home. Tom’s saucy, sassy, straight-shooting quirkiness will always be remembered fondly by all of us who knew him. His passing forever leaves a big hole the heart of Dallas cuisine.